Pancreatic Cancer Bake Off 2

Abbreviated Name
PaCa Bake Off 2
Lead Investigator
Brand, Randall E.University of Pittsburgh
Coordinating Investigator
Feng, Ziding Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center
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The GI collaborative team project from the previous year had the goal of performing a rigorous evaluation of multiple candidate biomarkers using a common sample set. A secondary goal was to develop novel combinations of cross-lab biomarkers that should be tested further. The project met its goals: a blinded, 182- sample set made up of samples from MD Anderson and UPMC was distributed to the four sites running candidate biomarkers; each site ran its assays and made calls; and Dr. Huang and the FHCRC performed the statistical analyses. Several of the biomarkers and novel combinations showed promise and warrant further testing. We plan to build on this progress in the new team project. The previous study gave excellent information about which markers should move forward to further validation, and which combinations should be further explored. The study also revealed where assays need to be improved or optimized, and what types of samples should be included in future test sets. For biomarkers that met performance criteria—that showed improvement over CA19-9—we will perform further validation without alteration to the biomarker. For biomarkers that showed good potential but need improvement in certain areas, we will seek to optimize or improve performance and then retest their performance. Finally, for any novel combination-markers, including panels using markers from separate labs (for example, circulating cell free DNA), we will perform validation tests.


Specific Aim 1. Validate the biomarkers that performed well in the first team project. Specific Aim 2. Optimize biomarkers from the first team project and test for improvements over prior performance. Specific Aim 3. Test the novel combination-markers that were suggested by the first team project.

Analytic Method

sTRA assay immobilized antibody to capture a protein or glycan.


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Start Date
Sep 1 2018
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Fields of Research
  • Glycomics
  • Proteomics
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G.I. and Other Associated Cancers Research Group
Cancer Types
  • Malignant neoplasm of pancreas
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