Brand, Randall E.

Open Protocols

Protocol Name Investigatory Role Biomarkers Data Collections
A Biomarker Bakeoff in Early Stage Pancreatic Cancer Leading 11 0
A Prospective Study to Establish a New Onset Hyperglycemia and Diabetes (NOD) Cohort Involved 0 0
Biomarkers for early detection of pancreatic cancer Involved 0 1
Biomarkers for the Early Detection of Pancreatic Cancer Involved 0 0
Development of Tissue Microarray Resource for Pancreatic Cancer Leading 0 0
Pancreatic Cancer Bake Off 2 Leading 4 0
Pancreatic Cyst Biomarker Validation Study Bake Off Leading 23 0
Pancreatic Cystic Fluid Reference Set Leading 0 0
Pre-diagnostic Pancreatic Cancer Set Aside Project Leading 25 0

Closed Protocols

Protocol Name Investigatory Role Biomarkers Data Collections
Standard Specimen Reference Set: Pancreatic Leading 0 0


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Pancreatic Cancer
Interested in the development of pancreatic cancer biomarkers to assist in the management of patients at high risk for pancreatic cancer development including those with hereditary disorders and pancreatic cystic lesions.

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