Lin UW, Daniel W.

Open Protocols

Protocol NameBiomarkersDatasets
Biomarkers for Early Detection of Clinically Relvant Prostate Cancer: A Multi-Institutional Validation Trial - Genomic Health, Inc. 1 0
Development of a novel, urine-based molecular assay for prediction of progression, recurrence, and need for definitive therapy on active surveillance for prostate cancer 0 0
Discovery of novel genomic classifiers for improved management of active surveillance patients 0 0
Evaluating SelectMDx for the prediction of high-grade prostate cancer in men with low-grade prostate cancer on active surveillance in the Canary Prostate Active Surveillance Study (PASS) 0 0
Evaluation of emerging tissue-based biomarkers for aggressive prostate cancer in men on active surveillance 0 0
Germline Genetic Variants and Faliure of Acitve Sureveillance 0 0
Investigating Circulating Metabolism-Related Biomarkers and Diet in an Active Surveillance Population 0 0
PASS Reference Set Application: Lin Univ. of Washington/OncoChip (2013) 0 0
PASS Reference Set Application: Lin Univ. of Washington/OPKO (2015) 1 0
Prostate Active Surveillance Study 2 0
Upgrading Reference Set 0 0

Closed Protocols

Protocol NameBiomarkersDatasets
Canary TMA 12 0
PASS Reference Set Application: Lin UW (2010) TMPRSS2-ERG-PCA-PASS 2 0
PCA3 Validation Study and Urinary Reference Set 2 0
Prostate Upgrading Team Project 0 0
SELDI Validation Study Phase II 1 1


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