Prostate Upgrading Team Project

Abbreviated Name
Lead Investigator
Leach, Robin JUniversity of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio
Coordinating Investigator
Feng, Ziding Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center
Involved Investigators



Aim 1: We will develop a risk assessment tool using commonly-collected clinical information from a series of contemporary radical prostatectomies to predict the risk of prostate cancer upgrading to high grade cancer at radical prostatectomy. These data will be combined as a part of our Early Detection Research Network (EDRN) GU Working Group into a risk assessment tool; this tool will be named the EDRN Prostatectomy Upgrading Calculator or (EPUC).

Analytic Method


  • No biomarkers available at this time for this protocol

Data Collections

  • No data collections available at this time for thie protocol
 Team Project
Protocol ID
Protocol Type
Field of Research
Collaborative Group
Prostate and Urologic Cancers Research Group
Cancer Types
  • Malignant neoplasm of prostate

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