Download LabCAS Data

Before downloading data, users must accept the EDRN LabCAS Data Use Agreement.

There are several ways that data may be downloaded from LabCAS, from entire datasets to groups of files or even individual files.

Downloading Datasets

First, navigate to the data collection. From there, go to the parent dataset.

LabCAS Dataset Download

Then, click on the green download icon on the right of that dataset to download all associated files., as shown in the above screenshot.

Downloading Files

Navigate to the file or files you wish to download.

Download file


When downloading data larger than 1 gigabyte in size and/or more than 100 files, it is highly recommended to use a downloading script rather than the web browser. Alternatively, you can use the LabCAS APIs to automate downloading into analysis applications.

(Note: viewing the LabCAS API requires logging in.)