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Biomarkers for Early Detection of Aggressive Prostate Cancer Coordinating 7 0
EDRN Biomarker Reference Lab: Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Leading 0 0
Proteomic Tissue-Based Classifier for Early Prediction of Prostate Cancer Progression Involved 0 0
The Early Detection Research Network: Biomarker Reference Laboratories Involved 0 0
Validation of Early Detection Ovarian Cancer Biomarkers (Team Project) Involved 149 0

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Publication NamePubMed IDJournal
A highly sensitive targeted mass spectrometric assay for quantification of AGR2 protein in human urine and serum. 24251762 J Proteome Res
A streamlined tandem tip-based workflow for sensitive nanoscale phosphoproteomics. 36653408 Commun Biol
Advances in targeted proteomics and applications to biomedical research. 27302376 Proteomics
An Improved Boosting to Amplify Signal with Isobaric Labeling (iBASIL) Strategy for Precise Quantitative Single-cell Proteomics. 32127492 Mol Cell Proteomics
Analysis of serum total and free PSA using immunoaffinity depletion coupled to SRM: correlation with clinical immunoassay tests. 22846433 J Proteomics
Analytical platform evaluation for quantification of ERG in prostate cancer using protein and mRNA detection methods. 25889691 J Transl Med
Antibody-free, targeted mass-spectrometric approach for quantification of proteins at low picogram per milliliter levels in human plasma/serum. 22949669 Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A
Antibody-independent targeted quantification of TMPRSS2-ERG fusion protein products in prostate cancer. 25266362 Mol Oncol
Carrier-Assisted Single-Tube Processing Approach for Targeted Proteomics Analysis of Low Numbers of Mammalian Cells. 30557009 Anal Chem
CD63-mediated cloaking of VEGF in small extracellular vesicles contributes to anti-VEGF therapy resistance. 34407412 Cell Rep
Facile One-Pot Nanoproteomics for Label-Free Proteome Profiling of 50-1000 Mammalian Cells. 34351778 J Proteome Res
Internal Standard Triggered-Parallel Reaction Monitoring Mass Spectrometry Enables Multiplexed Quantification of Candidate Biomarkers in Plasma. 35767427 Anal Chem
Long-gradient separations coupled with selected reaction monitoring for highly sensitive, large scale targeted protein quantification in a single analysis. 24004026 Anal Chem
Moonshot Objectives: Catalyze New Scientific Breakthroughs-Proteogenomics. 29794536 Cancer J
Multiplexed targeted mass spectrometry assays for prostate cancer-associated urinary proteins. 29254211 Oncotarget
Proteomic Analysis of Exosomes for Discovery of Protein Biomarkers for Prostate and Bladder Cancer. 32825017 Cancers (Basel)
Proteomic Tissue-Based Classifier for Early Prediction of Prostate Cancer Progression. 32429558 Cancers (Basel)
Quantification of mutant SPOP proteins in prostate cancer using mass spectrometry-based targeted proteomics. 28810879 J Transl Med
Rapidly Assessing the Quality of Targeted Proteomics Experiments through Monitoring Stable-Isotope Labeled Standards. 30525668 J Proteome Res
Reducing heterophilic antibody interference in immunoassays using single-chain antibodies. 21933659 Anal Biochem
Searching for a system: the quest for ovarian cancer biomarkers. 22045355 Cancer Biomark
Surfactant-assisted one-pot sample preparation for label-free single-cell proteomics. 33649493 Commun Biol
Systems biology and biomarker discovery. 20534904 Dis Markers
Targeted quantification of low ng/mL level proteins in human serum without immunoaffinity depletion. 23763644 J Proteome Res
The clinical impact of recent advances in LC-MS for cancer biomarker discovery and verification. 26581546 Expert Rev Proteomics


Proteomics Biomarker Development
My work at PNNL focuses on developing and applying innovative methods and technologies that enable high-throughput, sensitive, and quantitative liquid chromatography coupled to mass spectrometry (LC-MS) based multi-omic measurements of complex biological and clinical samples. I have extensive experience in stable isotope and isobaric labeling, enrichment of protein post-translational modifications (PTMs), unbiased and targeted proteomics, and single-cell proteomics, towards in-depth, robust and integrated omics characterization of cells, tissues and biofluids to discover and validate specific changes at protein, PTM and pathway levels in cancer and other diseases.

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