Facile One-Pot Nanoproteomics for Label-Free Proteome Profiling of 50-1000 Mammalian Cells.


Recent advances in sample preparation enable label-free mass spectrometry (MS)-based proteome profiling of small numbers of mammalian cells. However, specific devices are often required to downscale sample processing volume from the standard 50-200 μL to sub-μL for effective nanoproteomics, which greatly impedes the implementation of current nanoproteomics methods by the proteomics research community. Herein, we report a facile one-pot nanoproteomics method termed SOPs-MS (<u>s</u>urfactant-assisted <u>o</u>ne-<u>p</u>ot sample processing at the <u>s</u>tandard volume coupled with MS) for convenient robust proteome profiling of 50-1000 mammalian cells. Building upon our recent development of SOPs-MS for label-free single-cell proteomics at a low μL volume, we have systematically evaluated its processing volume at 10-200 μL using 100 human cells. The processing volume of 50 μL that is in the range of volume for standard proteomics sample preparation has been selected for easy sample handling with a benchtop micropipette. SOPs-MS allows for reliable label-free quantification of ∼1200-2700 protein groups from 50 to 1000 MCF10A cells. When applied to small subpopulations of mouse colon crypt cells, SOPs-MS has revealed protein signatures between distinct subpopulation cells with identification of ∼1500-2500 protein groups for each subpopulation. SOPs-MS may pave the way for routine deep proteome profiling of small numbers of cells and low-input samples.

  • Chrisler WB
  • Habowski AN
  • Lin TT
  • Liu T
  • Lu YJ
  • Martin K
  • Orton DJ
  • Qian WJ
  • Rodland KD
  • Shi T
  • Smith RD
  • Sontag RL
  • Tsai CF
  • Waterman ML
  • Wiley HS
  • Yang B
  • Zhang T
  • Zhao R
PubMed ID
Appears In
J Proteome Res, 2021, 20 (9)