The clinical impact of recent advances in LC-MS for cancer biomarker discovery and verification.


Mass spectrometry (MS) -based proteomics has become an indispensable tool with broad applications in systems biology and biomedical research. With recent advances in liquid chromatography (LC) and MS instrumentation, LC-MS is making increasingly significant contributions to clinical applications, especially in the area of cancer biomarker discovery and verification. To overcome challenges associated with analyses of clinical samples (for example, a wide dynamic range of protein concentrations in bodily fluids and the need to perform high throughput and accurate quantification of candidate biomarker proteins), significant efforts have been devoted to improve the overall performance of LC-MS-based clinical proteomics platforms. Reviewed here are the recent advances in LC-MS and its applications in cancer biomarker discovery and quantification, along with the potentials, limitations and future perspectives.

  • Camp DG
  • Kagan J
  • Liu T
  • Qian WJ
  • Rodland KD
  • Shi T
  • Smith RD
  • Srivastava S
  • Wang H
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Expert Rev Proteomics, 2016, 13 (1)