Pancreatic Reference Set Application: Surinder Batra- University of Nebraska (2014)

Abbreviated Name
Pancreatic Ref Set App: Batra (2014)
Lead Investigator
Batra, SurinderUniversity of Nebraska Medical Center
Coordinating Investigator
Feng, Ziding Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center
Involved Investigators


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It aims to explore how in combination with CA19.9, these mucins improves the diagnosis of PC at a resectable stage for improved early clinical intervention. The well-collected reference set having samples from all the stages will test the efficacy of MUC5AC for early disease detection

Analytic Method

MUC4 and MUC5AC levels will be compared between groups using t-tests and ANOVA models.


Data Collections

  • No data available at this time for this protocol
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Reference Set
Field of Research
Collaborative Group
G.I. and Other Associated Cancers Research Group
Cancer Types
  • Malignant neoplasm of pancreas

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