Biomarkers for Prostate and Bladder Cancer

Prostate & Bladder Cancer Biomarkers
Liu, Alvin Y.University of Washington
Liu, Alvin Y.University of Washington
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Prostate and Urologic Cancers Research Group

To identify potential cancer-specific protein biomarkers via genomic analysis of differential gene expression between cancer cells and their normal counterpart. To use proteomic analysis for quantitative detection of these proteins in urine.

Sort cancer cells from tumor specimens Determine gene expression (transcriptome) by Affymetrix DNA arrays Dataset analysis to identify cancer up-regulated genes encoding secreted or extracellular proteins Proteomic analysis (mass spectrometry, Western blotting) to validate increased cancer expression
Genomics and proteomics. DNA microarray analysis of sorted cell types to identify cancer-specific genes encoding secreted/extracellular proteins. Mass spectrometry-based proteomics to measure protin levels in case vs. control urine samples.
Data analysis was done to evaluate data quality of Affymetrix arrays (mRNA expression correlation to protein expression by immunohistochemistry), to compare other publicly available prostate cancer datasets.

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