Liu, Alvin Y.

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Clinical Utility of Urinary CD90 as a Biomarker for Prostate Cancer Detection Coordinating 1 1

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Biomarkers for Prostate and Bladder Cancer Coordinating 4 4
Early Detection of Cancer by Affinity Mass Spectrometry-Set Aside funds Involved 0 0


Publication NamePubMed IDJournal
Analysis of prostate cancer by proteomics using tissue specimens. 15592032 J Urol
CD90/THY1 is overexpressed in prostate cancer-associated fibroblasts and could serve as a cancer biomarker. 20562849 Mod Pathol
Differential expression of anterior gradient gene AGR2 in prostate cancer. 21144054 BMC Cancer
Differential expression of CD10 in prostate cancer and its clinical implication. 17335564 BMC Urol
Differential Inductive Signaling of CD90 Prostate Cancer-Associated Fibroblasts Compared to Normal Tissue Stromal Mesenchyme Cells. 21505567 Cancer Microenviron
Embryonal carcinoma cell induction of miRNA and mRNA changes in co-cultured prostate stromal fibromuscular cells. 20945389 J Cell Physiol
Gene expression down-regulation in CD90+ prostate tumor-associated stromal cells involves potential organ-specific genes. 19737398 BMC Cancer
Gene expression relationship between prostate cancer cells of Gleason 3, 4 and normal epithelial cells as revealed by cell type-specific transcriptomes. 20021671 BMC Cancer
HSP27 and HSP70 interact with CD10 in C4-2 prostate cancer cells. 17342744 Prostate
Lineage relationship of prostate cancer cell types based on gene expression. 21605402 BMC Med Genomics
Mass spectrometric detection of tissue proteins in plasma. 17030953 Mol Cell Proteomics
Minimum information specification for in situ hybridization and immunohistochemistry experiments (MISFISHIE). 18327244 Nat Biotechnol
Molecular and cellular characterization of ABCG2 in the prostate. 17425799 BMC Urol
The urologic epithelial stem cell database (UESC) - a web tool for cell type-specific gene expression and immunohistochemistry images of the prostate and bladder. 18072977 BMC Urol


cancer biology
Cell-cell interaction plays an important role in differentiation and defects in this interaction could lead to diseases such as cancer. Prostate cancer can be regarded as a systems biology problem. One requirement to solving this problem is to describe the systems components - the prostatic cell types (normal and cancer) and their transcriptomes. The cell types include the stem/progenitor cells of the organ. We want to develop an experimental system where interaction could be studied involving the isolation of various cell types and their recombination in co-culture.

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