Upload Data

Uploading De-identified Data and Images to EDRN Cancer Biomarkers Data Commons (LabCAS)

  1. Prepare Your Data: Ensure that all data and images you intend to upload are de-identified.
  2. Email the JPL Informatics Center: Send your Google email address to the JPL Informatics Center. If you don't have a Gmail account:
    1. Let us know in your email.
    2. We can guide you through the process of setting up an IBM Aspera account.
  3. Receive the Invitation: After receiving your email, we will send you an invitation to join the Aspera on Cloud instance designated for EDRN.
  4. Accept the Invitation: Look out for the email invitation in your inbox, and click the "Accept" button within the message. This action will direct you to the EDRN Aspera login page.
  5. Login to EDRN Aspera: Sign in using your Gmail credentials or your IBMid. EDRN Aspera → https://edrn-labcas.ibmaspera.com/
EDRN Aspera Login Page

Uploading Your Data:

upload files via Aspera

If you encounter any issues or have questions, don't hesitate to reach out to the the JPL Informatics Center for support