Preparing and Organizing Data

  1. Preparation:
    1. Organize your data so that it is meaningful and reusable. LabCAS organizes data by Collection, datasets and files (See EDRN Data Model → Cancer Biomarker Data Commons)
      1. Sites that are participating in Reference Set studies, please follow your Imaging Data Transfer to JPL Standard Operating Procedure
  2. Obtain the EDRN protocol name (entered by the DMCC).
    This is the EDRN approved protocol/study from which the data was obtained. Search for your protocol or contact the DMCC if you need to obtain an EDRN protocol.
  3. Submit high-level information using the Collection Meatadata form to provide information about the data you would like to upload to LabCAS. This is the Core Collection metadata.
  4. A Data Commons administrator will contact you after submission of your Collection Metadata to discuss your data and next steps to assist with the organization and upload your data. Data is grouped by datasets in LabCAS. A collection can have multiple datasets, including nested datasets. 
  5. Upload your data via Aspera Data Transfer (a secure, reliable drag and drop data transfer method).
    1. To get started, email the EDRN IC team your email address. We will invite you to IBM Aspera on Cloud.
    2. You will receive an invitation from one of our team via IBM Aspera. Click the Accept Invitation button in the email. That will take you to the login page

Review the EDRN LabCAS Data Model and Metadata, Cancer Biomarker Data Common, for more information about the existing data model and metadata. Contact the EDRN IC team for questions or to add new data extensions.