Citing Data from EDRN LabCAS

Data stored in the EDRN Cancer Biomarkers Data Commons (LabCAS) or linked and cataloged through metadata can be publicly cited in research publications. The Informatics Center can issue a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) to facilitate data discovery and to acknowledge research contributions and federally funded research outputs.

Why a DOI?

Obtaining a DOI:

  1. Contact the Informatics Center
  2. Upload your data to LabCAS
  3. Request a DOI, specifying whether for a full collection, dataset(s) or file(s), and provide:
    1. LabCAS links to the data you would like to be made public
    2. The following DOI required registration attributes:
      1. Creator(s). The main researcher or researchers involved in producing the data, in priority order
        1. Institution Name
        2. Researcher Name
      2. Title of the resource
      3. Contact Person
        1. Institution Name
        2. Contact Person Name
        3. Contact Person Email

Citing Your Data:

Learn more about the desirable characteristics of data repositories for federally funded research.

Citation Examples:

Data Collection:

Hollingsworth, M. (2021). Multiplex-Immunoflourescent Staining of Rapid Autopsy Samples from Human Pancreatic Cancer. Early Detection Research Network (EDRN).

Annotated Image:

Harismendy, O. (2021). PCA Pilot H&E Image OXBA046-1.svs. Consortium for Molecular and Cellular Characterization of Screen-Detected Lesions (MCL).