LabCAS Metadata and Common Data Elements

LabCAS Metadata Model Overview

Data in LabCAS can either be public, or private and secure for sharing with internal EDRN members. If data is being made publicly available and you would like a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) to allow for linking your data to publications, contact the Informatics Center.

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Core metadata is common across all data in LabCAS. Data extensions are used to extend the metadata for specific data categories, modalities, etc. Multiple extensions can be used when annotating a dataset or file. For example, radiology files may all use a common DICOM extension + a specific extension for mammography.

LabCAS metadata data dictionaries and submission templates (Google Sheets)

Submit Data

How to submit data:

  1. Submit high-level information about the data you would like to upload to LabCAS. This is the Core Collection metadata. To complete this form, you will need the following:
    1. The EDRN investigator under whom the data was generated.
    2. The protocol name (entered by the DMCC).
      This is the EDRN approved protocol/study from which the data was obtained. Search for your protocol or contact the DMCC if you need to obtain an EDRN protocol.
  2. A Data Commons administrator will contact you after submission of your Collection Metadata to discuss your data and next steps to assist with the organization and upload your data. Data is grouped by datasets in LabCAS. A collection can have multiple datasets, including nested datasets