A tumor suppressor locus within 3p14-p12 mediates rapid cell death of renal cell carcinoma in vivo.


High frequency loss of alleles and cytogenetic aberrations on the short arm of chromosome 3 have been documented in renal cell carcinoma (RCC). Potentially, three distinct regions on 3p could encode tumor suppressor genes involved in the genesis of this cancer. We report that the introduction of a centric fragment of 3p, encompassing 3p14-q11, into a highly malignant RCC cell line resulted in a dramatic suppression of tumor growth in athymic nude mice. Another defined deletion hybrid contained the region 3p12-q24 of the introduced human chromosome and failed to suppress tumorigenicity. These data functionally define a tumor suppressor locus, nonpapillary renal carcinoma-1 (NRC-1), within 3p14-p12, the most proximal region of high frequency allele loss in sporadic RCC as well as the region containing the translocation breakpoint in familial RCC. Furthermore, we provide functional evidence that NRC-1 controls the growth of RCC cells by inducing rapid cell death in vivo.

  • Killary AM
  • Pathak S
  • Sanchez Y
  • el-Naggar A
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Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 1994, 91 (8)