An isozyme-specific selective system for the recovery of mammalian cells deficient in hepatic alcohol dehydrogenase activity.


A selective system toxic towards mammalian cells expressing the liver-specific isozyme of alcohol dehydrogenase (L-ADH) has been developed. A number of alpha-unsaturated primary and secondary alcohols were assayed for their ability to serve as substrates for rat liver ADH and were screened for cytotoxicity towards L-ADH+ and L-ADH- cells. 1-Propen-3-ol and 1-penten-3-ol were identified as agents showing selective cytotoxicity. Reconstruction experiments demonstrated that 1-propen-3-ol at a concentration of 15 microM could be used to recover L-ADH- clones from mixed populations of L-ADH+ and L-ADH cells. Cells expressing the non-allelic S-ADH isozyme were not killed under these conditions. The selective system defined in this report is thus isozyme-specific.

  • Fournier RE
  • Killary AM
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Exp Cell Res, 1984, 154 (2)