Prostate cancer multiparametric magnetic resonance imaging visibility is a tumor-intrinsic phenomena.


Multiparametric magnetic resonance imaging (mpMRI) is an emerging standard for diagnosing and prognosing prostate cancer, but ~ 20% of clinically significant tumors are invisible to mpMRI, as defined by the Prostate Imaging Reporting and Data System version 2 (PI-RADSv2) score of one or two. To understand the biological underpinnings of tumor visibility on mpMRI, we examined the proteomes of forty clinically significant tumors (i.e., International Society of Urological Pathology (ISUP) Grade Group 2)-twenty mpMRI-visible and twenty mpMRI-invisible, with matched histologically normal prostate. Normal prostate tissue was indistinguishable between patients with visible and invisible tumors, and invisible tumors closely resembled the normal prostate. These data indicate that mpMRI-visibility arises when tumor evolution leads to large-magnitude proteomic divergences from histologically normal prostate.

  • Boutros PC
  • Felker E
  • Houlahan KE
  • Ignatchenko V
  • Khoo A
  • Kislinger T
  • Liu LY
  • Pooli A
  • Raman SS
  • Reiter RE
  • Sadun TY
  • Salmasi A
  • Sisk AE
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Appears In
J Hematol Oncol, 2022, 15 (1)