Intratumor Heterogeneity in Early Lung Adenocarcinoma.


Lung cancer is one of the deadliest diseases in the world and is the leading cause of cancer-related deaths. Among the histological types, adenocarcinoma is the most common, and it is characterized by a high degree of heterogeneity at many levels including clinical, behavioral, cellular and molecular. While most lung cancers are known for their aggressive behavior, up to 18.5% of lung cancers detected by CT screening are indolent and put patients at risk for overdiagnosis and overtreatment. The cellular and molecular underpinnings of tumor behavior remain largely unknown. In the recent years, the study of intratumor heterogeneity has become an attractive strategy to understand tumor progression. This review will summarize some of the current known determinants of lung adenocarcinoma behavior and discuss recent efforts to dissect its intratumor heterogeneity.

  • Massion PP
  • Senosain MF
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Front Oncol, 2020, 10