Upfront molecular profiling of pancreatic cancer patients - An idea whose time has come.


Pancreatic cancer patients have not benefited from survival improvements brought about by personalized medicine in other malignancies. Even though this is the era of precision medicine, unfortunately most clinicians in practice either do not embrace or are unaware of the concept of molecular profiling for pancreatic cancer patients. Improving the grim prognosis of this challenging disease requires a paradigm shift. To exploit all potential therapeutic options in this lethal disease, molecular profiling should be performed ideally at the moment of diagnosis to identify potentially trial-eligible tumoral mutations or support off label use of an agent approved for another indication. This perspective article aims to increase awareness of the importance of upfront molecular profiling for pancreatic cancer patients.

  • Bhutani MS
  • Cazacu IM
  • Maitra A
  • Pishvaian MJ
  • Roy-Chowdhuri S
PubMed ID
Appears In
Pancreatology, 2020, 20 (3)