Precision oncology in the age of integrative genomics.


Precision oncology applies genomic and other molecular analyses of tumor biopsies to improve the diagnosis and treatment of cancers. In addition to identifying therapeutic options, precision oncology tracks the response of a tumor to an intervention at the molecular level and detects drug resistance and the mechanisms by which it occurs. Integrative genomics can include sequencing specific panels of genes, exomes, or the entire triad of the patient's germline, tumor exome, and tumor transcriptome. Although the capabilities of sequencing technologies continue to improve, widespread adoption of genomics-driven precision oncology in the clinic has been held back by logistical, regulatory, financial, and ethical considerations. Nevertheless, integrative clinical sequencing programs applied at the point of care have the potential to improve the clinical management of cancer patients.

  • Chinnaiyan AM
  • Kumar-Sinha C
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Nat Biotechnol, 2018, 36 (1)