Long non-coding RNAs in metastasis.


Long non-coding RNA (lncRNA) genes have recently been discovered as key regulators of developmental, physiological, and pathological processes in humans. Recent studies indicate that lncRNAs regulate every step of gene expression, and their aberrant expression can be found in the majority of cancer types. Particularly, lncRNAs were found to function in tumor development and metastasis, which is the major cause of cancer-related death. Thus, exploring key roles of lncRNAs in metastasis is predicted to enhance our knowledge of metastasis, and uncover novel therapeutic targets and biomarkers of this process. In this review, we discuss the molecular mechanisms of lncRNAs in gene expression regulation and their function in metastasis.

  • Agami R
  • Huang Q
  • Yan J
PubMed ID
Appears In
Cancer Metastasis Rev, 2018, 37 (1)