Chromosomal assignment and trans regulation of the tyrosine aminotransferase structural gene in hepatoma hybrid cells.


The structural gene encoding liver-specific tyrosine aminotransferase (TAT; EC was assigned to mouse chromosome 8 by screening a series of hybrid cell lines for retention of murine Tat-1 gene sequences by genomic Southern blotting. This assignment demonstrated that the Tat-1 structural gene was not syntenic with Tse-1, a chromosome 11-linked locus that negatively regulates TAT expression in trans (A. M. Killary and R. E. K. Fournier, Cell 38:523-534, 1984). We also showed that the fibroblast Tat-1 gene was systematically activated in hepatoma X fibroblast hybrids retaining fibroblast chromosomes 8 in the absence of chromosome 11 but was extinguished in cells retaining both fibroblast chromosomes. Thus, the TAT structural genes of both parental cell types were coordinately regulated in the intertypic hybrids, and the TAT phenotype of the cells was determined by the presence or absence of fibroblast Tse-1.

  • Fournier RE
  • Killary AM
  • Peterson TC
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Appears In
Mol Cell Biol, 1985, 5 (9)