Determining lectin specificity from glycan array data using motif segregation and GlycoSearch software.


The glycan array is a powerful tool for investigating the specificities of glycan-binding proteins. By incubating a glycan-binding protein on a glycan array, the relative binding to hundreds of different oligosaccharides can be quantified in parallel. Based on these data, much information can be obtained about the preference of a glycan-binding protein for specific subcomponents of oligosaccharides, or motifs. In many cases, the analysis and interpretation of glycan array data can be time consuming and imprecise if done manually. Recently, GlycoSearch software was developed to facilitate the analysis and interpretation of glycan array data based on two previously developed methods, Motif Segregation and Outlier Motif Analysis. Here, the principles behind this method and the use of this new tool for mining glycan array data are described. The automated, objective, and precise analysis of glycan array data should enhance the value of these data for a broad range of research applications.

  • Bern M
  • Cao Z
  • Haab B
  • Kletter D
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Curr Protoc Chem Biol, 2013, 5 (2)