Borderline ovarian tumor - a case report with genetic testing.


Despite an accurate classification, the borderline category of ovarian tumors is one of the most controversial topics in gynecologic oncology and is confusing to both clinicians and patients. The treatment is often confronted with the necessity of a fertility-sparing approach, although under-treatment increases the risk of disease recurrence. The clear definition of a group of patients with low or high risk of relapse requiring more or less extensive treatment is lacking. Currently, the main criteria affecting the treatment extent include histopathological features, particularly the presence of microinvasion, and invasive implants. Expansion of knowledge about genetic nature of the tumor characteristics may more closely specify the scope of therapeutic approach for individual patients. The authors report a case report of serous borderline ovarian tumor patient with tumor cell dispersion into the gastrointestinal tract. The genes of tumor vascular markers GPM6B and DR6 were also studied and compared to a group of healthy patients.


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  • Bilecová-Rabajdová M
  • Ostró A
  • Varga J
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Eur J Gynaecol Oncol, 2013, 34 (2)