Mining the plasma proteome for disease applications across seven logs of protein abundance.


The current state of proteomics technologies has sufficiently advanced to allow in-depth quantitative analysis of the plasma proteome and development of a related knowledge base. Here we review approaches that have been applied to increase depth of analysis by mass spectrometry given the substantial complexity of plasma and the vast dynamic range of protein abundance. Fractionation strategies resulting in reduced complexity of individual fractions followed by mass spectrometry analysis of digests from individual fractions has allowed well in excess of 1000 proteins to be identified and quantified with high confidence that span more than seven logs of protein abundance. Such depth of analysis has contributed to elucidation of plasma proteome variation in health and of protein changes associated with disease states.

  • Faca V
  • Hanash S
  • Zhang Q
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Appears In
J Proteome Res, 2011, 10 (1)