New promising drug targets in cancer- and metastasis-initiating cells.


The unique properties of cancer- and metastasis-initiating cells endowed with a high self-renewal and aberrant differentiation potential (including their elevated expression levels of anti-apoptotic factors, multidrug transporters, and DNA repair and detoxifying enzymes) might be associated with their resistance to current clinical cancer therapies and disease recurrence. The eradication of cancer- and metastasis-initiating cells by molecular targeting of distinct deregulated signaling elements that might contribute to their sustained growth, survival, and treatment resistance, therefore, is of immense therapeutic interest. These novel targeted approaches should improve the efficacy of current therapeutic treatments against highly aggressive, metastatic, recurrent, and lethal cancers.

  • Batra SK
  • Mimeault M
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Drug Discov Today, 2010, 15 (9-10)