Inhibition of cellular alpha-glucosidases results in increased presentation of hepatitis B virus glycoprotein-derived peptides by MHC class I.


Inhibitors of alpha glucosidases prevent the trimming of oligosaccharides on certain nascent glycoproteins, including the hepatitis B virus MHBs envelope glycoprotein. MHBs proteins with untrimmed oligosaccharides do not interact with calnexin, increasing protein misfolding and subsequent degradation by proteasomes. As peptides loaded onto newly synthesized MHC class I complexes are predominantly derived from proteasomes, the possibility that glucosidase inhibition could increase presentation by MHC class I was determined. Using either a model epitope, or a natural MHBs epitope, it was demonstrated that glucosidase inhibitors enhanced presentation by MHC class I and promoted activation of antigen-specific CTLs, suggesting a pharmacologic approach to immune modulation.

  • Block TM
  • Liu Y
  • Mehta AS
  • Norton PA
  • Philip R
  • Simsek E
  • Sinnathamby G
PubMed ID
Appears In
Virology, 2009, 384 (1)