A mouse plasma peptide atlas as a resource for disease proteomics.


We present an in-depth analysis of mouse plasma leading to the development of a publicly available repository composed of 568 liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry runs. A total of 13,779 distinct peptides have been identified with high confidence. The corresponding approximately 3,000 proteins are estimated to span a 7 logarithmic range of abundance in plasma. A major finding from this study is the identification of novel isoforms and transcript variants not previously predicted from genome analysis.

  • Aebersold R
  • Bardeesy N
  • Depinho RA
  • Deutsch EW
  • Dinulescu D
  • Faca VM
  • Hanash SM
  • Hung KE
  • Jacks T
  • Kucherlapati R
  • Menon R
  • Newcomb LF
  • Omenn GS
  • Pitteri SJ
  • Politi K
  • States DJ
  • Wang H
  • Zhang Q
PubMed ID
Appears In
Genome Biol, 2008, 9 (6)