Advances in counselling and surveillance of patients at risk for pancreatic cancer.


Even with significant advances in imaging and our understanding of pancreatic cancer genetics, the survival rates for pancreatic cancer remain quite dismal. Although still at an early stage, there are efforts in place to develop surveillance and prevention strategies for people at high risk for pancreatic cancer. This comprehensive review article summarises the predispositions that put people at a high risk of developing pancreatic cancer and the current status in the counselling and surveillance of these people using not only available medical literature, but also incorporating international expert opinion.

  • Brand RE
  • Brentnall TA
  • Canto MI
  • Hruban RH
  • Lerch MM
  • Lynch HT
  • Neoptolemos JP
  • Rubinstein WS
  • Whitcomb DC
PubMed ID
Appears In
Gut, 2007, 56 (10)