Stromal-epithelial measurements of prostate cancer in native Japanese and Japanese-American men.


We measured the histologic stromal and epithelial tissue components of the benign (normal) and malignant tissue compartments of Japanese-Americans (J-A) and native Japanese (NJ) men living in Japan. The patient cohort included 25 NJ men undergoing radical prostatectomy (RP) in Nagoya, Japan and 25 J-A (second or third generation US born). We conducted tissue image quantitation (in-house image software) of the stromal and epithelial compartments in malignant and adjacent normal tissue areas from a tissue microarray (TMA) selected from radical prostatectomy (RP) blocks. Stromal-epithelial (S-E) areas were determined using immunohistochemical stains for CAM-5.2 epithelial cytokeratin marker and the Masson trichrome stain to measure the stroma component. We observed differences in the volumes of normal and cancer epithelium and stroma within both the J-A and NJ study populations (P<0.01). Only the individual average cancer epithelium (CE) volume (JA=24.1 vs NJ=29.9) differed significantly between the NJ and J-A study populations (P=0.03). Consequently, the S-E ratio in NJ group was significantly different from that of J-A population (P=0.05). The decrease in S-E ratio noted in the malignant tissues of NJ prostate tissue may provide a biological marker for differentiation of the two groups and suggests a need for further investigations into the molecular basis for these histologic differences.

  • Khan MA
  • Kojima M
  • Marks L
  • Miller MC
  • Park J
  • Partin AW
  • Veltri RW
  • van Rootselaar C
PubMed ID
Appears In
Prostate Cancer Prostatic Dis, 2004, 7 (3)