A phage with high affinity for hepatitis B surface antigen for the detection of HBsAg.


An M13 phage, called PHH2, with the ability to bind HBsAg was isolated from a coat protein III display library. The region of the HBsAg polypeptide to which PHH2 binds was determined. The HBsAg binding phage was used in an assay referred to as "PHALISA", an abbreviation for phage-linked immune-absorbent assay. This assay was at least 20-100 times more sensitive in the detection of HBV antigen than conventional enzyme-linked immune-absorbent assays (ELISA). The application of this method for screening and detection of specific protein is discussed.

  • Block T
  • Lu X
  • Weiss P
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Appears In
J Virol Methods, 2004, 119 (1)