Gene expression patterns define pathways correlated with loss of differentiation in lung adenocarcinomas.


An analysis of microarray data from 86 lung adenocarcinomas reveals hundreds of genes significantly correlated with tumor cell differentiation. A bioinformatics approach of linking these genes to public information from the Locuslink and KEGG databases yields evidence for a loss of tumor cell differentiation being associated with biological processes of cell division, protein degradation, pyrimidine and purine metabolism, oxidative phosphorylation, glyoxylate and dicarboxylate metabolism, folate biosynthesis, and glutamate metabolism. The increased expression of genes involved in these processes is consistent with increased proliferation and metabolism characteristics of poorly differentiated tumors. The complete results of this analysis are available at

  • Beer D
  • Creighton C
  • Hanash S
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FEBS Lett, 2003, 540 (1-3)