[Rabies vaccination with regards to its epidemiology (author's transl)].


The increasing animal rabies infection in the Federal Republic of Germany and the growing risk for man - in 1974 two people died from rabies consequences although inoculated - shows the necessily to protect all bitten patients and those exposed to a risk of rabies by a well-timed prophylactic immunization. Unfortunately the HEMPT-vaccine used in this country up to the beginning of 1974 did not the requirements because of the low rate of circulating neutralizing antibodies and the numerous neurological complications associated with this vaccination. The now commonly used duck embryo rabies vaccine (DEV) also induces only low antibody titers, therefore the active immunization in uncertain. A new type of vaccine cultivated on human diploid cells (HDCS-vaccine) is currently being investigated upon but is due to produce quickly antirabies antibody still in incubation and should be put on the market if it has been sufficiently tested. The question of cost for pre-exposure vaccination for man to be carried by the state is discussed.

  • Vögtle-Junkert U
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Immun Infekt, 1975, 3 (2)