Liver Full Reference Set Application: Hiro Yamada - Wako (2011)

Abbreviated Name
Liver Full Ref Set App:Yamada (2011)
Lead Investigator
Yamada, HiroWako Diagnostics
Coordinating Investigator
Feng, Ziding Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center
Involved Investigators



The specific aim of the proposal is to determine usefulness of the HCC biomarkers in early detection.

Analytic Method

Sensitivity and specificity of AFP, AFP-L3 and DCP assays on the μTASWako i30 will be calculated for the patients using several cutoff values (5%, 7%, 10% etc). Sensitivity by tumor characteristics (stage, size and number) will be evaluated, if the clinical information on the patient characteristics is available.


Data Collections

  • No data collections available at this time for thie protocol
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Protocol Type
Reference Set
Field of Research
Collaborative Group
G.I. and Other Associated Cancers Research Group
Cancer Types
  • Liver cell carcinoma
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