Studies pursued by EDRN.
Title Abstract Investigator
A Biomarker Bakeoff in Early Stage Pancreatic Cancer Previous research in EDRN laboratories and elsewhere has produced several candidate biomarker(s) for the detection of early-stage pancreatic ductal ... Brand, Randall E.
A Methylation Panel for Bladder Cancer Participate in a prevalidation study for methylation based detection of bladder cancer. In addition, a panel of three markers identified will be evaluated for ... Gazdar, Adi
A Prospective Study to Establish a New Onset Hyperglycemia and Diabetes (NOD) Cohort Chari, Suresh
A Urine Exosome Gene Expression Panel Distinguishes between Indolent and Aggressive Prostate Cancers at Biopsy To evaluate a Urine Exosome Gene Expression Panel that Distinguishes between Indolent and Aggressive Prostate Cancers at Biopsy, including African American ... Chesnut, Gregory
Affinity-based strategies to fast track development of colon cancer biomarkers Our goal is to discover plasma and tissue-based tumor biomarkers that work well enough together to identity colon cancer at early stages, lead to accurate ... Lampe, Paul
An Automated System for Breast Cancer Biomarker Analysis To normalize FFDM data by accounting for varying image acquisition parameters and settings. Heine, John
Antibodies Against Tumor Antigens or Mucin Epitopes in Ovarian Cancer Cramer, Daniel
Assessment of Clinical Potential of Digital SNP Analysis Helzlsouer, Kathy
Aurora Kinase A as a Biomarker for the Detection of Bladder Cancer - Supplemental Pre-Validation Protocol Czerniak, Bogdan
Autoantibody Approach for Serum-Based Detection of Head and Neck Cancer Our long term goal is to improve survival of patients with head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC) through early detection using simple noninvasive serum ... Tainsky, Michael A.
Automated Quantitative Measures of Breast Density Current Objective: This project’s goal is to determine the optimal breast density measure and representation using full field digital mammography (FFDM). We ... Heine, John
Barrett's Esophagus Methylation Profiles We propose a nested case-control study of biomarkers in the setting of BE. By bringing together research institutions with large populations of patients with ... Meltzer, Stephen
BBD Reference Set Application: Jeffery Marks-Duke (2015) We propose a pre-validation study for markers that could predict the likelihood of invasive breast cancer following a tissue diagnosis of benign breast ... Marks, Jeffrey
BDL Colon Biomarker Development Evaluate methylated stool DNA for early detection colorectal cancer Markowitz, Sanford
BDL Esophageal Biomarker Development Evaluation of methylated DNA for detection of Barrett’s esophagus on samples retrieved by an esophageal balloon Markowitz, Sanford
Benign Breast Disease Team Project To identify women diagnosed with atypical ductal hyperplasia (ADH) who are at increased risk of developing invasive breast cancer (IBC) and who might benefit ... Engstrom, Paul
Biomarker Detection Using NAPPA Tumor Antigen Arrays The overall goal of this project is to identify autoantibody biomarkers in sera that can be readily used for the early detection of cancers LaBaer, Joshua
Biomarker Detection Using NAPPA Tumor Antigen Arrays: EDRN Supplement The overall goal of this project application for the EDRN set-aside funds is to focus our collaborative efforts to identify p53 mutation-specific antibody ... Anderson, Karen
Biomarker Dev Lab At Moffitt Supplement Tockman, Melvyn S.
Biomarker Development Laboratory Zhao, Yingming
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