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A Methylation Panel for Bladder Cancer Coordinating 0 0
Aurora Kinase A as a Biomarker for the Detection of Bladder Cancer - Supplemental Pre-Validation Protocol Involved 0 0
Early Molecular Detection of Invasive Bladder Cancer by Urine Examination Involved 0 0
Research Depository of Normal and Neoplastic Human Tissues Coordinating 0 0

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Early Detection of Urinary Bladder Cancer Involved 0 0
Identification of biomarkers for lung cancer in never smokers Leading 4 1
Polyp Prediction Study Involved 0 0
Presence of simian virus 40 DNA sequences in human Coordinating 0 0
Protocol for Comparing Promoter Hypermethylation Methods in NSCLC Involved 0 0


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Molecular pathogenesis of early cancer
The major focus of my EDRN research interests are the early diagnosis and risk assessment of human cancers. While the major emphasis is on lung and breast cancers, several other types including bladder, prostate and cervix are studied. We have built up large collections of tissues from these tumor types and auxillary materials including non-malignant tissues adjacent to invasive cancers, and tissues (bronchial brushes, sputa, ducatl lavages, FNAs etc) from subjects at increased risk. These are analyzed for molecular markers for susceptibility and early invasion. Recent emphasis has been on markers that indicate disruption of the basement membrane and which should distinguish in situ from invasive cancers.

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