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Tissue Banking, Genitourinary Pathology
Rajiv Dhir, M.D., is an Associate Professor in the Department of Pathology, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and Director, Health Sciences Tissue Bank, UPMC Shadyside-Presbyterian Hospital. Dr. Dhir’s primary areas of research interest and activity pertain to biological and tissue banking and genitourinary pathology. The tissue and biological banking related research activities focus on new methodologies for biological and tissue specimen aggregation. Ongoing projects include evaluation of FNA banking, effect of rapid processing on research quality of specimens, as well as optimal methodologies for blood collection for proteomic research. The research work in the area of genitourinary pathology focuses mainly on prostate cancer and kidney cancer. The prostate cancer related interests are in the areas of novel markers for diagnostic and prognostic purposes, immunology of prostate cancer and the antigen processing machinery, and micro-RNA and prostate cancer. The renal cancer related work primarily focuses on chromosomal changes in renal tumors and immunohistochemical profiling of renal tumors, evaluating novel markers.

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