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Mitochondrial DNA mutations as cancer biomarkers
Mitochondrial DNA mutations continue to be of interest as a potential cancer biomarker in a variety of tumors. Current investigations focus on confirming a 3.4kb mitochondrial DNA deletion as a predictor of prostate cancer status in prostate biopsy specimens and urine.
MicroRNA Measurements
Develop a set of RNA samples for a study designed to demonstrate performance when translating BDL biomarker(s)to validation in a BRL. The pilot study consists of a sample mixture design, with a focused scope for validation of a particular set of markers and method from one BDL to a clinical BRL. The testing paradigm should be of broad general use for other biomarkers and other laboratories.
Capture and Analysis of Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs)
We are interested in using microfluidic systems to capture CTCs from whole blood for enumeration and analysis. CTC enumeration has been shown to be diagnostic of cancer progression and metastatic relapse. Previously, we have developed microfluidic systems to culture cells and maintain viability and to measure protein secretion and gene expression from small numbers of cells. These capabilities will be integrated with CTC capture systems to enable parallelized analysis of captured CTCs.

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