Esserman, Laura J.

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Detection of Serum Proteomic Patterns and SNPs in Breast Cancer: A Pilot Study Leading 0 0
Development of paraffin-based expression profiles to predict minimal vs. substantial risk of disease progression using retrospective datasets Leading 0 0
Standard Specimen Reference Set: Breast Cancer and Imaging Involved 0 3

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EDRN Resource Network Exchange Involved 0 0
Year 2 Collaborative Project - UCSF and Battelle PNWD Involved 0 0


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Breast Cancer Screening
My interest lies in improving breast cancer screening by developing biomarkers to suggest a layered risk strategy. These biomarkers should define populations of patients by risk and type of cancer for which they are at risk
Breast Cancer Risk Stratification
My interest lies in identifying biomarkers to distinguish breast cancer on basis of having minimal or substantial risk for progression. More specifically, my interest is in using old datasets and modern molecular methods for profiling paraffin-based tissue.

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