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Logging in here—to the EDRN public portal—may afford you access to additional biomarker and scientific data. Also, if you have the appropriate permissions, you can edit the pages, images, and files on this site. Use your EDRN username and password in the below form to log in.

Who should do this?
People who want access to additional, private information here.
What about website editors?
Yes, they should log in here too if they want to update the content.

The Data Management and Coordinating Center provides a "secure website" where you can get a lot of the same information here on the EDRN portal. But you can also update information and find some other unique tools. Additionally, you can change your EDRN password (whether you've forgotten it or not) there—or request a new account.

Who should do this?
EDRN members only who need to view and update information on protocols, membership, publications, and so forth.
Why is it the "secure website"?
That's just what it's been called for a long time. There isn't an "insecure website". There's a public website (this one) and a private website—the DMCC's "secure website", which you can log into by clicking the button below.

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The EDRN Cancer Biomarker Data Commons has both public and access-controlled scientific data. Logging in with your EDRN username and password may give you access to additional data.

Who should do this?
Anyone who needs access to private scientific data warehoused in the Data Commons.
What is "LabCAS"?
LabCAS is the Laboratory Catalog and Archive Service, the software that runs the EDRN Cancer Biomarker Data Commons.

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