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Rom, William (M.D., M.P.H)

PI, New York University School of Medicine, (212) 263-6479

Contact Information

Fax: (212) 263-8442
EDRN Associate Member
Pulmonary Medicine

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Open Protocols

Protocol Name Biomarkers Datasets
NYU Lung Cancer Biomarker Center 2 0
Validation of Molecular Biomarkers for the Early Detection of Lung Cancer in the setting of Indeterminate Pulmonary Nodules (Lung Team Project #2) 0 0

Closed Protocols

Protocol Name Biomarkers Datasets
Biomarkers to Distinguish Aggressive Cancers from Non-aggressive or Non- progressing cancers 1 0
EDRN Resource Network Exchange 0 0
Soluble Mesothelin Related Peptide (SMRP) and Osteopontin (OPN) as Early Detection Markers for Malignant Mesothelioma (MM) 2 0
Standard Specimen Reference Set: Lung 0 0


Publication Name PubMed ID Journal
Preferential carcinogen-DNA adduct formation at codons 12 and 14 in the human K-ras gene and their possible mechanisms. 12924950 Biochemistry
Chromium(VI) exposure enhances polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon-DNA binding at the p53 gene in human lung cells. 12727806 Carcinogenesis
N-hydroxy-4-aminobiphenyl-DNA binding in human p53 gene: sequence preference and the effect of C5 cytosine methylation. 12009904 Biochemistry
S-adenosylmethionine as a biomarker for the early detection of lung cancer. 17934114 Chest
Glucocorticoids inhibit lung cancer cell growth through both the extracellular signal-related kinase pathway and cell cycle regulators. 12204894 Am. J. Respir. Cell Mol. Biol.
Selective p38 activation in human non-small cell lung cancer. 11970907 Am. J. Respir. Cell Mol. Biol.
Mutational spectrum and genotoxicity of the major lipid peroxidation product, trans-4-hydroxy-2-nonenal, induced DNA adducts in nucleotide excision repair-proficient and -deficient human cells. 12820894 Biochemistry
4-aminobiphenyl is a major etiological agent of human bladder cancer: evidence from its DNA binding spectrum in human p53 gene. 12376482 Carcinogenesis
Identification of an autoantibody panel to separate lung cancer from smokers and nonsmokers. 20504322 BMC Cancer
Longitudinal multistage model for lung cancer incidence, mortality, and CT detected indolent and aggressive cancers. 22705252 Math Biosci
Clinical correlation of asbestos bodies in BAL fluid. 15364780 Chest
Molecular and genetic aspects of lung cancer. 10764334 Am. J. Respir. Crit. Care Med.
CT scan screening for lung cancer: risk factors for nodules and malignancy in a high-risk urban cohort. 22768300 PLoS ONE
Preferential DNA damage and poor repair determine ras gene mutational hotspot in human cancer. 12381705 J. Natl. Cancer Inst.
Functional genomics in lung cancer and biomarker detection. 12878582 Am. J. Respir. Cell Mol. Biol.
Prediction of lung cancer using volatile biomarkers in breath. 17522431 Cancer Biomark
In vitro mechanisms of lovastatin on lung cancer cell lines as a potential chemopreventive agent. 18034278 Lung
Sequence specificity of Cr(III)-DNA adduct formation in the p53 gene: NGG sequences are preferential adduct-forming sites. 16251206 Carcinogenesis
Gender and lung cancer. 15217534 Clin Lung Cancer
Molecular analysis of plasma DNA for the early detection of lung cancer by quantitative methylation-specific PCR. 20592015 Clin. Cancer Res.
Detection of lung cancer using weighted digital analysis of breath biomarkers. 18420034 Clin. Chim. Acta
Performance of mitochondrial DNA mutations detecting early stage cancer. 18834532 BMC Cancer
Resection of non-small cell lung cancers reverses tumor-induced gene expression changes in the peripheral immune system. 21807633 Clin. Cancer Res.
Variant Ciz1 is a circulating biomarker for early-stage lung cancer. 23074256 Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A.
Effect of CpG methylation at different sequence context on acrolein- and BPDE-DNA binding and mutagenesis. 23042304 Carcinogenesis
Impact of a computer-aided detection (CAD) system integrated into a picture archiving and communication system (PACS) on reader sensitivity and efficiency for the detection of lung nodules in thoracic CT exams. 22710985 J Digit Imaging
Cigarette smoke induces methylation of the tumor suppressor gene NISCH. 23503203 Epigenetics
Sputum-based molecular biomarkers for the early detection of lung cancer: limitations and promise. 24212941 Cancers (Basel)

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550 First Avenue, 7N24, NB
NYU School of Medicine

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