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Dizdar, Miral (Ph.D.)

PI, National Institute of Standards and Technology, 301-975-2581

Contact Information

Fax: 301-975-8505
EDRN Associate Member

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Open Protocols

None Available.

Closed Protocols

No closed protocols.


Publication Name PubMed ID Journal
Data standards for proteomics: mitochondrial two-dimensional polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis data as a model system. 16120364 Mitochondrion
High-throughput analysis of telomerase by capillary electrophoresis. 12652580 Electrophoresis
Cancer biomarker validation: standards and process: roles for the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). 12724219 Ann. N. Y. Acad. Sci.
Standard reference material for Her2 testing: report of a National Institute of Standards and Technology-sponsored Consensus Workshop. 12777990 Appl. Immunohistochem. Mol. Morphol.
Nanotechnology: Emerging Developments and Early Detection of Cancer. A two-day workshop sponsored by the National Cancer Institute and the National Institute of Standards and Technology, August 30-31 2001, on the National Institute of Standards and Technology Campus, Gaithersburg, MD, USA. 12590168 Dis. Markers
Semiconductor nanocrystal probes for human metaphase chromosomes. 14960711 Nucleic Acids Res.
Telomerase activity measurement in magnetically captured epithelial cells: comparison of slab-gel and capillary electrophoresis. 15213984 Electrophoresis
Quantitation of HER2 and telomerase biomarkers in solid tumors with IgY antibodies and nanocrystal detection. 18214859 Int. J. Cancer
Real-time telomerase assay of less-invasively collected esophageal cell samples. 16569479 Cancer Lett.
Standards for plasma and serum proteomics in early cancer detection: a needs assessment report from the national institute of standards and technology--National Cancer Institute Standards, Methods, Assays, Reagents and Technologies Workshop, August 18-19, 2005. 16840585 Clin. Chem.
Real-time telomerase activity measurements for detection of cancer. 16149877 Expert Rev. Mol. Diagn.
Standards for validation of cancer biomarkers. 17192047 Cancer Biomark
Inter-rater agreement on chromosome 5 breakage in FISH-based mutagen sensitivity assays (MSAs). 15279836 Mutat. Res.
Semiconductor nanocrystal conjugates, FISH and pH. 16179915 Nat. Methods
Preparation and characterization of candidate reference materials for telomerase assays. 15951318 Clin. Chem.
The pseudo-mitochondrial genome influences mistakes in heteroplasmy interpretation. 16859552 BMC Genomics
Clinical implications and utility of field cancerization. 17362521 Cancer Cell Int.
Analytical validation of telomerase activity for cancer early detection: TRAP/PCR-CE and hTERT mRNA quantification assay for high-throughput screening of tumor cells. 15269291 J Mol Diagn

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100 Bureau Drive, 227/A245
National Institute of Standards and Technology

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