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Profiling of the cell surface proteome.


Proteomics. 2003 Oct 3 (10).

The in depth-mining of the proteome necessitates the comprehensive analysis of proteins in individual subcellular compartments to uncover interesting patterns of protein expression that include assessment of protein location, trafficking and of post-translational modifications that are location specific. One of the compartments of substantial interest from a diagnostic and therapeutic point of view is the plasma membrane which contains intrinsic membrane proteins and other proteins expressed on the cell surface. Technologies are currently available for the comprehensive profiling of the cell surface proteome that rely on protein tagging of intact cells. Studies are emerging that point to unexpected patterns of expression of specific proteins on the cell surface, with a common occurrence of proteins previously considered to occur predominantly in other compartments, notably the endoplasmic reticulum. The profiling of the cell surface and plasma membrane proteomes will likely provide novel insights and uncover disease related alterations.

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