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A database of protein expression in lung cancer.

  • Oh JM
  • Brichory F
  • Puravs E
  • Kuick R
  • Wood C
  • Rouillard JM
  • Tra J
  • Kardia S
  • Beer D
  • Hanash S


Proteomics. 2001 Oct 1 (10).

We have developed a comprehensive approach to identifying molecular changes in lung cancer that includes both genomic and proteomic analyses. The related effort has produced a large amount of data pertaining to gene expression at the RNA and protein levels. As a result, we have constructed a database that contains protein expression data on lung cancer as well as other relevant data including DNA microarray derived data. A large number of proteins that are expressed in different types of lung cancer have been identified and have been correlated with the expression measures for their corresponding genes at the RNA level. The database is intended to facilitate our effort at developing novel classification schemes for lung cancer and the identification of novel markers for early diagnosis.

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