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EDRN investigators protocols. The following is a list of the EDRN protocols that have been captured and curated. Additional information will be added as it is available. Contact information is provided as part of the detail for each protocol.


Title Abstract Investigator
Pancreatic Cancer Early Detection Stem Cell Biomarkers (CA117452 Set-Aside) Lokshin, Anna
Pancreatic Cyst Biomarker Validation Study With the rapid utilization and ongoing advancements in cross-sectional abdominal imaging, the detection of pancreatic cysts has become increasingly frequent. ... Singhi, Aatur
Pancreatic Cystic Fluid Reference Set The proposed reference set will be designed to evaluate biomarkers for the following applications aimed at determining whether a patient would benefit from ... Brand, Randall E.
Pancreatic Reference Set Application- Ann Killary and Subrata Sen-MD Anderson (2012) ELISA assays. We propose to screen a two gene panel (TNC/TFPI) from functional genomic pathways approaches, by ELISA assays, in a collection of blinded plasma ... Killary, Ann M.
Pancreatic Reference Set Application: Brian Haab-Van Andel (2012) New markers are greatly needed for the detection and diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. Patients at high risk for developing pancreatic cancer (for, example ... Haab, Brian
Pancreatic Reference Set Application: Ivan Blasutig-University of Toronto (2014) The primary objective of this study is to independently validate a panel of serum biomarkers for the early detection of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma ... Blasutig, Ivan
Pancreatic Reference Set Application: Kazufumi Honda-National Cancer Center (2014) Among human malignancies, invasive ductal adenocarcinoma of the pancreas has the worst prognosis,with a 5-year survival rate of less than 10%. Most patients ... Honda, Kazufumi
Pancreatic Reference Set Application: Michael Hollingsworth-University of Nebraska (2014) Hollingsworth, Michael
Pancreatic Reference Set Application: Samir Hanash-MD Anderson (2017) Hanash, Samir
Pancreatic Reference Set Application: Surinder Batra- University of Nebraska (2014) To explore the diagnostic significance of the most differentially overexpressed secretory mucin MUC4 and MUC5AC for early detection Batra, Surinder
Pancreatic Reference Set Application:Sumio Ohtsuki/Kazfumi Honda-Kumamoto University (2019) Ohtsuki, Sumio
Phase II Validation of a New Panel of Biomarkers for Early Detection of Ovarian Cancer While all cancer patients could potentially benefit from earlier detection and prevention, the development of new screening technologies and chemoprevention ... Mor, Gil
Polyp Prediction Study Meltzer, Stephen
Pre-Validation of Metabolomic Biomarkers of Prostate Cancer Chinnaiyan, Arul M.
Pre-operative plevic mass study Cramer, Daniel
Pre-validation of TMPRSS2:ERG+PCA3 risk models for men on active surveillance Chinnaiyan, Arul M.
Prediction Rules Combining PHI with Urinary RNA Testing for Aggressive Prostate Cancer Detection Sanda, Martin
Prediction rules for aggressive prostate cancer in AS population See aim Sanda, Martin
Preliminary Clinical Characterization of Serum Biomarkers for Colorectal Neoplasms Brenner, Dean
Preliminary Validation of Biomarkers for the Detection of Colorectal Adenomas (Team Project #1) the goal of identifying those biomarkers developed by the GI collaborative that will predict the presence of advanced colorectal adenomas. Brenner, Dean
Presence of simian virus 40 DNA sequences in human Gazdar, Adi
Prevalidation for Rectal PWS for Colon Cancer Screening Roy, Hemant K.
Prognostic Markers in Lynch Syndrome Colorectal Cancers Lynch, Henry
Prostate Active Surveillance Study Primary Objective: To discover and confirm biomarkers that predict aggressive disease as defined by pre-specified histological, PSA, clinical criteria, or ... Lin UW, Daniel W.
Prostate Biopsy Clinical Database/Tissue Bank IRBMED# 2004-0442 Wei, John
Prostate Rapid Pre-Validation Set Determine which markers move to validation using the prospectie prostate reference set samples. Sanda, Martin
Prostate Rapid Reference Set Application: Brian Haab - Van Andel (2006) To evaluate TSP-1 as a marker to specifically detect prostate cancer Haab, Brian
Prostate Rapid Reference Set Application: Daniel Chan/Patty Beckman- JHU/University of Minnesota (2007) see publication Chan, Daniel
Prostate Rapid Reference Set Application: Eleftherios Diamandis - Mt Sinai (2006) Diamandis, Eleftherios P.
Prostate Rapid Reference Set Application: Robert Getzenberg - John Hopkins (2006) Analyze marker EPCA2 on 123 observations (60 prostate cancers and 63 non-prostate cancers) Not listed
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