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Moffitt Imaging Biomarker Validation Center


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Several measures of breast density will be evaluated
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Breast and Gynecologic Cancers Research

We propose to establish the Moffitt Imaging Biomarker Validation Center (MIBVAC) for the EDRN based on the following backgrounds, expertise, resources, biomarker validation studies, and a network collaboration plan. Significance of Imaging for Early Detection of Cancer. The goals of early detection and risk assessment research are to develop non-invasive methods to (i) accurately detect and characterize cancers at their earliest stages, and (ii) predict future disease risk and occurrence. For breast imaging, breast density is a significant breast cancer risk factor as measured and validated with film and full field digital mammography (FFDM). Breast density is not routinely incorporated into clinical risk assessment due to difficulties in obtaining automated, accurate, and reproducible measurements. Mammography is currently advancing from FFDM to digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) screening. Thus, there is a critical need to translate and validate breast density from conventional mammography to DBT for more accurate risk assessment at the individual level, thereby enabling clinical intervention.

1a) Establish case/control data sets as EDRN resources. We will first make available our established case-control datasets with images from full field digital mammography (FFDM) with calibration data to EDRN partners. We will continuously establish a case-control dataset with digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) images including the relevant patient data required for accurate risk assessments and validation as a common resource for EDRN members and external collaborators. We will establish a breast cancer screening consortium for prospective data collection and sharing with established collaborations to enhance this resource. 1b) Conduct validation studies of breast image biomarkers. We will conduct validation studies with 1) DBT images using risk biomarkers (variation, Fourier, and texture metrics) developed and validated previously at Moffitt using conventional mammographic images; and 2) image-derived biomarkers for EDRN partners and external collaborators for breast cancer. Case Inclusion: females (18 or older) with unilateral breast cancer with no prior history of breast cancer and images must be before treatment Case Exclusion: bilateral breast cancer patients, or patients with a history of breast cancer and/or treatment before mammogram Control Inclusion: females (18 and older) with no prior breast cancer and must be an internal (Moffitt) patient Control Exclusion: history of breast cancer or external (non-Moffitt) patient.
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