Serum autoantibodyome reveals that healthy individuals share common autoantibodies.


Autoantibodies are a hallmark of both autoimmune disease and cancer, but they also occur in healthy individuals. Here, we perform a meta-analysis of nine datasets and focus on the common autoantibodies shared by healthy individuals. We report 77 common autoantibodies based on the protein microarray data obtained from probing 182 healthy individual sera on 7,653 human proteins and an additional 90 healthy individual sera on 1,666 human proteins. There is no gender bias; however, the number of autoantibodies increase with age, plateauing around adolescence. We use a bioinformatics pipeline to determine possible molecular-mimicry peptides that can contribute to the elicitation of these common autoantibodies. There is enrichment of intrinsic properties of proteins like hydrophilicity, basicity, aromaticity, and flexibility for common autoantigens. Subcellular localization and tissue-expression analysis reveal that several common autoantigens are sequestered from the circulating autoantibodies.

  • Chavan R
  • Chung Y
  • LaBaer J
  • Park JG
  • Qiu J
  • Shome M
PubMed ID
Appears In
Cell Rep, 2022, 39 (9)