CarboGrove: a resource of glycan-binding specificities through analyzed glycan-array datasets from all platforms.


Glycan arrays continue to be the primary resource for determining the glycan-binding specificity of proteins. The volume and diversity of glycan-array data are increasing, but no common method and resource exist to analyze, integrate, and use the available data. To meet this need, we developed a resource of analyzed glycan-array data called CarboGrove. Using the ability to process and interpret data from any type of glycan array, we populated the database with the results from 35 types of glycan arrays, 13 glycan families, 5 experimental methods, and 19 laboratories or companies. In meta-analyses of glycan-binding proteins, we observed glycan-binding specificities that were not uncovered from single sources. In addition, we confirmed the ability to efficiently optimize selections of glycan-binding proteins to be used in experiments for discriminating between closely related motifs. Through descriptive reports and a programmatically accessible Application Programming Interface, CarboGrove yields unprecedented access to the wealth of glycan-array data being produced and powerful capabilities for both experimentalists and bioinformaticians.

  • Beirne JM
  • Haab BB
  • Harris CM
  • Kelly JE
  • Klamer ZL
  • Zhang J
PubMed ID
Appears In
Glycobiology, 2022, 32 (8)