Correlation of CA125 and CA19-9 serum levels with clinical course and second-look findings in patients with ovarian carcinoma.

CA125 and CA19-9 levels were serially evaluated in blood samples from 21 patients during and after integrated surgical and chemotherapeutic treatment for ovarian carcinoma. Serial measurement of CA125 and CA19-9 correlated with clinical course of disease in 89.7 and 72.7% of instances, respectively. The decrease of serum CA125 and/or CA19-9 in the normal range at the end of chemotherapy does not exclude the presence of residual disease, which can be accurately evaluated only by second-look laparotomy. Serum CA125 and/or CA19-9 can raise some months before clinical and ultrasonographic detection of recurrence. CA125 is the most reliable marker in ovarian carcinoma; however, the concomitant measurement of CA19-9 could offer some benefit in the monitoring of patients with this neoplasia.

Bartolini T, Bianchi R, Facchini V, Ferdeghini M, Fioretti P, Gadducci A


Gynecol. Oncol., 1987, 28 (3)

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